Oyster Extract Powder

Oyster-NZ™ Freeze Dried Oyster Powder (Crassostrea gigas)

Oyster Extract Powder is New Zealand premium grade Freeze Dried Oyster Extract. Derived from the New Zealand species (Crassostrea gigas). Oyster Extract Powder is an excellent dietary supplement rich in Taurine, Zinc and Glycogen which are beneficial for cardiovascular health, blood pressure, liver problems, arthritis and rheumatism and skin care.

Oyster Extract Powder flesh is collected at certain times of the year when in its most concentrated from. The unpolluted waters of the marine farms in which the oysters (Crassostrea gigas) are cultivated are continually monitored to ensure purity and quality.

Oyster Extract Powder – Favourite Food for Sexual Vitality


Oyster’s flesh is called milk of sea, uncleaned rice of sea, medical drug of sea and is very nutrition high food. Oyster has been top health food since the dawn of history and used regularly as populr edible food, no matter whether oriental or western.

Oyster which is preferred by western people is eaten exceptional in raw condition and considered as sexual power agents.

It is called milk of sea and considered to be top in sex power agents superstitiously by sticking to the old saying "eat oyster, love longer". Oyster contains the most ideal nutrients of kind of shellfish and for this reason, ancient Rome Imperials are said to enjoy cooking oyster.

Especially the French eat raw oyster by applying lemon juice to it and its flavour is good and it removes fishy smell and disinfects. When oyster, acid product is added to alkaline, it has a neutralizing effect.

Oyster Extract Powder – Taurine

Taurine is one the oyster’s key nutrients. It also occurs freely in the human body, particularly in the heart muscle, nerve tissues and the brain.

Taurine is effective for cholesterol reduction, anaemia prevention, liver counter poison, diabetes prevention and sight recovery.

Oyster Extract Powder – Fat

EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid): It lowers cholesterol in blood and prevents arteries sclerosis, high blood pressure, and cerebral haemorrhage.

DHA (docosa hexaenoci acid): It improves study function, reduction of cholesterol in blood, anti cancer action, effect of senility prevention (but very often, people think that oyster contains so much cholesterol that they avoid eating oyster. It is because cholesterol cause to fall ill like high stop of bleeding, high blood pressure, arteries sclerosis and diabetes. But that is the wrong idea. Of course, oyster contains high cholesterol content food but it has more good cholesterol (HD-L type) than the bad one (LDL, VLDL type) and contains much zinc and Selenium, precious mineral which is recently in the spotlight. For these reasons, oyster can be said wonderful nutrition food to prevent cancer as well as adult disease.

Oyster Extract Powder – Sugar

Sugar of oyster consists mostly of Glycogen, Glycogen is energy source and quick to adsorb digestion and so it is good for patients, old men and children who is weak in digestive power on account of nutrition food after disease.

Oyster Extract Powder – Inorganic Matter

Oyster is food which contains relatively rich inorganic matter.

Zinc: It activates sexual hormone, promotes to secret insulin, prevents alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver and sclerosis of the arteries and improves studying ability.

Calcium: It promotes the growth of children who are at the time of growth and prevents women’s osteoporosis and eye protection.

Besides, it contains a variety of small oxygen’s such as Iron, Copper, Manganese, Phosphorus, Natrium and Kalium.

Oyster Extract Powder – Vitamin

Vitamin A: keeps eyesight and auditory sense worked on and, promotes the growth and, keeps control of normal skin.

Vitamin B1: it is an ingredient necessary for the reaction of energy metabolism. Beside, it reinforces Vitamin B2 (nutrition supply source upon physical fatigue), Vitamin C (it reinforces combined tissue and strengthens skin, bone and blood vessel.

Oyster Extract Powder – Packaging

  • Oyster Extract Powder is available in 10kg, 20kg or 25kg, non- tamper sealed cartons.
  • Oyster Extract Powder is a free flowing beige powder with high bulk density ideal for capsules and tablets.
  • When searching for premium grade oyster extract 100% pure, no additives or fillers just ask for "Oyster - NZ™" from Aroma (NZ) Ltd.


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